Tuesday, September 3, 2019

CBD vs Chocolate

We were swept up in the CBD craze while we introduced our chocolate to local stores, with drug stores being the most popular. Some people urged us to infuse CBD in our chocolate. We have researched CBD for the last few months and came away with the impression that our dark chocolate can solve many of the issues, without CBD.

Long story short NYS and the FDA

For example, your body maintains a constant balance called homeostasis, which is commonly referred to as the endocannabinoid physiologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health. The content of cannabinoid-like compounds in chocolate varies widely and is highest in dark chocolate of 70% or more cocoa.  CBD has been shown to "reduce stress and anxiety, calm the nervous system and provide a mood-lifting, blissful effect" — even recommending them for trips to the DMV and public speaking, which is identical to the effects of dark chocolate.

The main reason for the beneficial effects of CBD is there is limited oxidation in the manufacturing process.  Fortunately, we limit the duration of the oxidative stressing process of our chocolates to retain the natural sour, bitter, acidic, burnt tastes.  Nature intended that you be exposed to a spectrum of tastes and be rewarded with their inherent healing benefits. Think about the 'free radicals' that are flushed out of your body when the acidic compounds in chocolate are strategically employed by your body.

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