Thursday, July 4, 2019

Review of our chocolate bars

A chocolate reviewer on the internet gave our chocolate a zero ☆ rating out of a possible ☆☆☆☆☆.

This was his review: "Seriously, this isn't chocolate, it's charcoal." and "Bonfire chocolate. Whether roasted long ‘n strong or short ‘n torched, this just burnt beyond recognition...  Nothing left but to call the sanitation dept."

Even the people sharing their opinions on Yelp were not spared: "In actuality, stovetop pan-roasted; toasted to a charred crisp for easy peeling. A method reinforced by glowing Yelp! reviews. So much for Yelp! reviews"

Fast-forward to... 
the present, last week a customer brought us chocolate bars from a cafe in Brooklyn. We each sampled a piece, nothing remarkable was noted other than the usual: very smooth, waxy, and sweet, which is typical of mass produced chocolate bars. 

Out of curiosity, I typed in the name of the chocolate on their website, to see if a review was made, it had a ☆☆☆☆ rating.

Then it got me thinking about the review our chocolate got back in January. Examining the c-spot website, I found: The Laws of Chocodynamics.

Behold, the reviewer violated their own rules.
2nd Law
Trust Your Pal (palate, that is)… good is what you like
3rd Law
There are standards & some chocolate is better than others; recognize quality even if you don’t like it
10th Law
The all-important alpha-omega principle: As in the beginning, so in the end, the only taste that matters is your own.

In the art world: an artwork is always good if people love it or hate it.

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